Datafication and cultural heritage: Provocations, threats, and design opportunities

Karin Hansson*, Teresa Cerratto Pargman, Anna Dahlgren
Stockholm University,, 

Abstract. Increasing digitization and the emergence of new data sharing practices are likely to change how our understanding of history is negotiated. The curation of data is always culturally and ideologically inflected. Accordingly, archiving practices are not only fundamental for our understanding of the past but vital in navigating the present. We have to pay particular attention to the consequences of the interfaces that curate history, especially in relation to big data.
Crowdsourcing, social media, linked open data, and other participatory and open science practices challenge the archiving practices in memory institutions due to the character of the networked publics involved and the established structures between and within institutions. However, they also open up new opportunities and practices when it comes to understanding and defining our shared culture.
In this workshop we will bring together researchers who have studied these issues or are working to develop critical perspectives on archiving practices.

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