Past events

February 23 2024  Online talk: ’Historiographic Approaches to Digitization of Art’, Visual Contagions Lecture Series in Digital Art History/University of Geneva (Näslund)

December 11-13 2023 Conference ‘Advancing research communication: The role of humanities in the digital era’, Umeå University (Näslund)

November 30 2023, Workshop ”Forskning i visuella arkiv: Infrastrukturer för kunskapsuppbyggnad” Stockholm City Archive/Stockholms stadsarkiv, (Hansson, Näslund)

December 7-8 2023 Conference Agonism: Conflicting Interpretations of the Past, Participation Practices, and Transforming Cultural Venues (Hansson)


June 7 2023 ”AI and Visual Culture”, Event for the book launch of Computational Formalism: Art History and Machine Learning by Amanda Wasielewski, Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University. (Wasielewski, Näslund Dahlgren).

May 24 2023 ”Cultures and Politics of Metadata”, The Museum Data and Metadata Workshop, the Media, Data, Museums Research Group, NTNU, Trondheim (Näslund Dahlgren)

May 10-12 2023, Mediating Words and Images, Uppsala University in collaboration with Carolina Rediviva Library, Roundtable 11 May (Näslund Dahlgren)

Feb 15-18, 2023 ”AI and Objectivity: The Role of Humanistic Self-Criticality in Digital Humanities Research”, session Digital Humanities and the Future of Art History, CAA, College Art Association, New York (Wasielewski)

Feb 6, 2023 ”Pictures, illustrations or visual data. Visual culture material in a text-biased information infrastructure” presentation at the symposium Materiality in the Digital Age, Uppsala University (Näslund Dahlgren).

Oct 23-27, 2022, “Beyond the Universal Art Dataset: Issues and Mitigations of Western Bias in Computational Art Analysis”, session Vision for Art (VISART), Workshop at the European Conference of Computer Vision (ECCV), Tel Aviv, (Wasielewski)

Oct 26-27, 2022 Session: “Doing Art History Online”, NORDIK conference. (Näslund Dahlgren)

Oct 3-4, 2022, ”Locating the Digital in Art History”, Digital Art History IV, Zagreb University (Wasielewski & Näslund Dahlgren)

Sept 30-Oct 1, 2022. ”Decolonizing WikiArt: A Critical Analysis of Art Datasets in the Digital Humanities”, Critical Digital Humanities Conference, University of Toronto . (Wasielewski)

Sept 6-7, 2022, ” Unnatural Images: On AI-Generated Photographs”, AI and the Humanities, Aarhus University (Wasielewski)

May 20-21, 2022 Session: “Digital Konstvetenskap”, National Art Historical Research Conference, Stockholm. (Näslund Dahlgren)

May 6-8, 2022, ”Platformisation and the Logic of the Online Photo Archive”, Conference: The Digital Photo Archive. Theories, Practices & Rhetoric, University of Basel (Näslund Dahlgren)

Dec 13-15 2021 “Decolonizing metadata: Speculative design as a way to explore dilemmas”, 7th International Visual Methods Conference (Hansson) Conference”

Nov 19 2021 “Digital Image Archives”, PhD course “Archival Studies and Intersectionality“, Lund University (Näslund Dahlgren)

Oct 28-29, 2021 ”Designing for shared differences”, Genusforskning idag och imorgon, Stockholms universitet, (Hansson)

Oct 4-15, 2021 ”Open Research Data Repositories: Practices, norms and metadata for sharing images”, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, DCMI, conference (Hansson)

5.5.2021  ”Att dela visuell forskningsdata”, Lunds universitet, Forskningsplattformen DigitalHistory@Lund (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)

15.4 2021 AAH, Association for Art Historians, Birmingham. Session: Critical Digital Art History: Interface and data politics in exhibitions, museums, and collections. (Näslund Dahlgren, Wasielewski) See further AAH 2021:

4-5.3.2021 ”New Datasets, Old Mindsets. Quantifying and Contextualizing Digital Approaches in Art History”, Conference: Digital Approaches to Art History and Cultural Heritage, Univ. of Oxford/ Univ. of Durham (Wasielewski, Näslund Dahlgren)

24.2.2021 ”Metadata as a Diversity Tool: Sami Traces in Institutional Archives Online”,  Digital technologies for social inclusion and participation symposium (Grundell)

4.12 2020: Berika samlingarna, Workshop Riksantikvarieämbetet/DH Uppsala University, workshop on metadata (Näslund Dahlgren)

14.6 2020: Datafication and cultural heritage – provocations, threats, and design opportunities. A workshop at ECSCW 2020, June 14, in Siegen, Germany. (Hansson, Näslund Dahlgren)

29-30.8 2019: Infrastructural Tensions. Infrastructure, Implementation, Policies, Digital Humanities, Uppsala University (Dahlgren, Hansson)  

26-27.8 2019: DIGARV program meeting, Vård Gård, Stockholm (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)

1.4 2019:  Öppen workshop om digital humanvetenskap och metod,  Stockholm University  (Hansson, Dahlgren)

27.3 2019: Forskardriven digitalisering – datadriven forskning III, RAÄ (Näslund Dahlgren)

31.1. 2019: Metadata – Nøglen til samlingen også i framtiden, LFF, Odense (Näslund Dahlgren)

30.1. 2019: Databases for research. Big Data on Artists’ Materials for Ground Layers 1550-1700, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (Hansson, Näslund Dahlgren)

29.1 2019: Digital Humanities Stockholm, National Library of Sweden (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)

26.11. 2018: Forskardriven digitalisering – datadriven forskning I, Nordiska museet (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)