May 6-8, 2022, ”Platformisation and the Logic of the Online Photo Archive”, Conference: The Digital Photo Archive. Theories, Practices & Rhetoric, University of Basel (Näslund Dahlgren)

May 20-21, 2022 Session: “Digital Konstvetenskap”, National Art Historical Research Conference, Stockholm. (Näslund Dahlgren)

Oct 26-28, 2022 Session: “Doing Art History Online”, NORDIK conference. (Näslund Dahlgren)

Past events

Dec 13-15 2021 “Decolonizing metadata: Speculative design as a way to explore dilemmas”, 7th International Visual Methods Conference (Hansson) Conference”https://www.quicket.co.za/events/145221-7th-international-visual-methods-conference/#/

Nov 19 2021 “Digital Image Archives”, PhD course “Archival Studies and Intersectionality“, Lund University (Näslund Dahlgren)

Oct 28-29, 2021 ”Designing for shared differences”, Genusforskning idag och imorgon, Stockholms universitet, (Hansson) https://www.erg.su.se/genusakademin/genusforskning-idag-och-imorgon/gender-research-today-and-tomorrow

Oct 4-15, 2021 ”Open Research Data Repositories: Practices, norms and metadata for sharing images”, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, DCMI, conference https://www.dublincore.org/conferences/2021/ (Hansson)

5.5.2021  ”Att dela visuell forskningsdata”, Lunds universitet, Forskningsplattformen DigitalHistory@Lund (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)

15.4 2021 AAH, Association for Art Historians, Birmingham. Session: Critical Digital Art History: Interface and data politics in exhibitions, museums, and collections. (Näslund Dahlgren, Wasielewski) https://eu-admin.eventscloud.com/website/2065/critical-digital-art-history/ See further AAH 2021: https://forarthistory.org.uk/our-work/conference/2021-annual-conference/

4-5.3.2021 ”New Datasets, Old Mindsets. Quantifying and Contextualizing Digital Approaches in Art History”, Conference: Digital Approaches to Art History and Cultural Heritage, Univ. of Oxford/ Univ. of Durham (Wasielewski, Näslund Dahlgren) https://www.torch.ox.ac.uk/digital-approaches-to-art-history-and-cultural-heritage-call-for-papers

24.2.2021 ”Metadata as a Diversity Tool: Sami Traces in Institutional Archives Online”,  Digital technologies for social inclusion and participation symposium (Grundell) https://culture-labs.eu/cultural-heritage-and-social-impact-digital-technologies-for-social-inclusion-and-participation/

4.12 2020: Berika samlingarna, Workshop Riksantikvarieämbetet/DH Uppsala University, workshop on metadata (Näslund Dahlgren) https://www.raa.se/evenemang-och-upplevelser/vara-andra-seminarier-och-konferenser/workshop-forska-pa-och-berika-digitaliserade-samlingar/berika-samlingar-ws-2020/

14.6 2020: Datafication and cultural heritage – provocations, threats, and design opportunities. A workshop at ECSCW 2020, June 14, in Siegen, Germany. (Hansson, Näslund Dahlgren)  https://dataficationandculturalheritage.blogs.dsv.su.se

29-30.8 2019: Infrastructural Tensions. Infrastructure, Implementation, Policies, Digital Humanities, Uppsala University (Dahlgren, Hansson)  

26-27.8 2019: DIGARV program meeting, Vård Gård, Stockholm (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)

1.4 2019:  Öppen workshop om digital humanvetenskap och metod,  Stockholm University  (Hansson, Dahlgren)

27.3 2019: Forskardriven digitalisering – datadriven forskning III, RAÄ (Näslund Dahlgren)

31.1. 2019: Metadata – Nøglen til samlingen også i framtiden, LFF, Odense (Näslund Dahlgren)

30.1. 2019: Databases for research. Big Data on Artists’ Materials for Ground Layers 1550-1700, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (Hansson, Näslund Dahlgren)

29.1 2019: Digital Humanities Stockholm, National Library of Sweden (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)

26.11. 2018: Forskardriven digitalisering – datadriven forskning I, Nordiska museet (Näslund Dahlgren, Hansson)